About Hotel 2/5

Website is under construction

In the coming weeks, we will be building this website to include a history of Hotel Company 2/5 1st Marine Div. from their arrival in Vietnam in 1966 through their departure in 1971. Our purpose is to document the history of that war and provide a common place where those of us that served there can communicate and tell our story. Please come back often to see what information we have added to this site.  Special thanks to Jay Peterson and Larry Tyler for making this website happen. 

Each Marine member will receive an email to use.  They will be able to log into this site, maintain their "Profile" information, upload multimedia and documents data for posting in our galleries, and be able to blog with fellow Marines and family.  At some point, we will also launch a vertical timeline that will be interactive that will reflect on acutal events that took place then. 

We will be constructing a website to include the following features:

The Vietnam War

Description: Come here to gain insights about the war where we served and it's missions, history and facts.

Those Who Served

Description: Information about each Marine who served in Hotel 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division during the war in Vietnam.


Description: Weapons and equipment we used and those who served us while we walked the battleground.


Description: We will be establishing a place where Members of this website can log in and blog with other Marine members.   Visitors will be able to read the blogs but not interact in a blog conversation.  We will be using WordPress.

Multimedia Gallery

Description: We will be using Gallery Server Pro to create the gallary and be able to select and sort photos based upon their metadata.

Company Reunions

Description: Annual Reunions, locations, pictures, information about registering for the current reunion, etc.